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There is rapid growth in self-powered devices that utilize GPS and RFID wireless communication technologies to effectively manage and monitor the movement and status of commercial fleets, cargo shipped by air, land or sea, and other mobile assets.


The latest generation of GPS asset and container tracking systems deliver complex functionality such as determining and reporting location status, monitoring internal environmental conditions, capturing data and transmitting alerts if a container is tampered with, if its status changes, or if it contains monitored contraband such as illegal drugs or prohibited nuclear or biochemical materials.


A crucial decision for system designers and end users involves the choice of power supply. In instances where power cannot be generated from a vehicle borne system, the GPS tracking system is typically powered by a self-contained battery. Tadiran lithium thionyl chloride (LiSOCl2) batteries are ideally suited to meet the power requirements of today’s advanced GPS tracking systems, remote sensors, and communications technologies. We also offer PulsesPlusTM bobbin-type LiSOCl2 batteries for applications that require high pulse for wireless communications and/or remote shut-off capabilities.


In addition, we offer TLI Series rechargeable Li-ion batteries that enable GPS tracking devices to operate and be recharged at extreme temperatures.



Mobile Asset Tracking


For example, Axonn LLC specified Tadiran PulsesPlus batteries for use in their AXTracker mobile asset tracking device, a ready to go, self-contained telemetry unit capable of delivering long-term service life through the use of an advanced low power GPS engine coupled to a Globalstar-compatible simplex satellite transmitter.


PulsesPlus batteries proved to be an ideal fit for the AXTracker, as they can operate continuously at an extremely low power state, drawing less than 10uA, which is lower than the self-discharge rate of the battery. During active transmission mode, the AXTracker mobile asset tracking device uses PulsesPlus batteries to deliver high current pulses of up to 1.2A for intervals of 1.3 seconds, before returning to a low power state, permitting long-term reliable performance even in extreme environmental conditions.


For GPS asset and container tracking applications, Tadiran primary bobbin-type LiSOCl2 batteries and PulsesPlus cells deliver an ideal combination of performance features, including high pulse current, low leakage current, wide environmental operation and years of service life.


To learn more about Tadiran lithium batteries for GPS tracking applications, contact us today or complete our application questionnaire.

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