TLM SERIES High Energy Lithium Batteries
Enable Handheld Medical Devices
to Become Smaller and More POWERFUL


Shown above is the BioAccess cordless bone drill, which is powered by
TLM-1550-HP batteries that deliver an open circuit voltage (OCV) of 4.1 V along with high pulses of up to 15 A with 5 A maximum continuous load. Converting from alkaline batteries to TLM Series lithium metal oxide batteries resulted in a 66% reduction in weight to make the drill more ergonomic and lighter, resulting in less fatigue for orthopedic surgeons. An equivalent alkaline battery pack would require 3X the weight and 2.5X the volume (requiring 15 AA-size alkaline batteries versus 6 AA-size TLM-1550-HP batteries).

Medical product designers are continually seeking to make medical equipment smaller, lighter, more ergonomically designed, as well as more reliable.


Tadiran high energy TLM Series lithium metal oxide batteries deliver precisely what the medical industry needs, as these powerful little cells deliver up to 2Wh of energy with an open circuit voltage of 4.0 volts, able to handle high pulses of up to 15A, with 5A maximum continuous load at 3.0V. These unique performance features make TLM Series batteries ideal for a wide variety of medical applications, including:

• Automatic external defibrillators

• Bone saws

• Infusion pumps

• Bone growth stimulators

• Handheld medical devices


TLM Series batteries are also extremely safe, with solvents that are non-toxic and non-pressurized, anode materials that are less reactive than other lithium chemistries, and proven safe in nail penetration, crush, charge, high temperature chambers, and short circuit safety tests.


TLM Series batteries are available in high power and medium power varieties.


Tadiran also manufactures batteries for use in the medical cold chain and for asset tracking devices that require high temperature autoclave sterilization.


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