TADIRAN Batteries are the
preferred solution for AMR/AMi utility metering

Tadiran batteries remain the preferred solution for virtually all remote wireless AMR/AMI metering solutions.


Back in 1984, Aclara (formerly Hexagram) started using Tadiran batteries to power one of the earliest versions of a wireless AMR meter. They chose wisely, because thousands of those AMR units continued to operate for over 25 years on their original Tadiran batteries, as tests indicating that these batteries still had plenty of available capacity.


Now, even longer-lasting Tadiran lithium batteries are available to power the newest generation of meter transmitter units (MTUs). With such a proven track record, it’s no surprise that virtually all leading AMR/AMI device manufacturers continue to trust Tadiran batteries to provide their utility customers with added peace-of-mind, lower cost of ownership, and higher return on investment (ROI).


The newest AMI networks all utilize advanced 2-way communications, demanding robust power supplies that can deliver high current pulses. Tadiran PulsesPlusTM batteries offer a patented solution that combines the extended life of a bobbin-type LiSOCl2 cell with a patented hybrid layer capacitor (HLC) that delivers high current pulses.


PulsesPlus batteries also feature an exclusive end-of-life indication feature that enables devices to be programmed to provide a low battery status alert. This exclusive end-of-life indication feature helps reduce the need for system-wide AMR battery change-outs that can be costly and highly disruptive to billing cycles.


So don’t chance it. Demand Tadiran, the only battery PROVEN to power AMR/AMI utility meters for decades. To find out which AMR/AMI meters use Tadiran batteries, contact us today, or complete our application questionnaire.


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